Controlling and stabilizing voltages and currents

Schuntermann has been manufacturing and installing components and systems for the control and stabilization of voltages and currents for a number of decades.

The owner-managed company in its third generation boasts a highly specialised team of advisors for customer-oriented solutions. Schuntermann guarantees a consistently high standard of quality through its certification to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Schuntermann’s core competences include the product segments variable transformers(variacs), toroidal transformers, transformers, voltage stabilisation, test systems and voltage management.

We take voltage management to mean systems for voltage stabilisation and the reduction of power costs. Solutions to optimise energy efficiency, extend the service life of your electrical equipment and lower expenditure for your facility management and concepts to improve the network quality for the decentralised supply of renewable energies – primarily the supply of green power in accordance with the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG).


Voltage stabilisation

Schuntermann’s systems for voltage stabilisation are used wherever a sinusoidal supply voltage independent from network fluctuations and load changes is required.


Voltage management

Voltage management is an effective measure for optimising power consumption and reduces the environmental impact significantly.



The variable transformers, toroidal transformers (variacs) and transformers from Schuntermann are suitable for power supply to ohmic, inductive or capacitive equipment.


Customer solutions

Planning, development and delivery of equipment and systems for testing, tailored to individual customer requirements.

  • Engine test beds
  • Test systems for QA tests with PLC control
  • Test systems for long-term testing
  • Test current supply 150/250 Hz for interturn test
  • Rectifier equipment
  • PLC-controlled test systems