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Schuntermann has been manufacturing and installing components and systems for the control and stabilization of voltages and currents for a number of decades.

Voltage stabilisation

Schuntermann’s systems for voltage stabilisation are used wherever a sinusoidal supply voltage independent from network fluctuations and load changes is required.

Voltage management

Voltage management is an effective measure for optimising power consumption and reduces the environmental impact significantly.


The variable transformers, toroidal transformers (variacs) and transformers from Schuntermann are suitable for power supply to ohmic, inductive or capacitive equipment.

Customer solutions

Planning, development and delivery of equipment and systems for testing, tailored to individual customer requirements.

Partners and customers

Here is an excerpt from our happy customers and partners

Transformer manufacturer Schuntermann

Transformer quality Made in Germany

High-quality products, competent advice and customer-oriented solutions: That's what Schuntermann stands for as a transformer manufacturer with more than 60 years of practical experience.

Schuntermann is an owner-managed company specializing in the development and production of systems for the regulation and stabilization of voltages and currents.

We supply highly efficient transformers and complete solutions that reliably and permanently meet your problems and requirements.

Are you looking for a specialist supplier of voltage management systems? Schuntermann is at your disposal as transformer manufacturer with six decades of practical experience!

Our portfolio

The supporting pillars of our portfolio are transformers and variable transformers with control units. These form the basis of technically mature systems for voltage stabilization, voltage management and electrical testing systems. Our automatic or magnetic voltage stabilizers are used where a stable supply voltage independent of mains fluctuations is required. Based on our core components we manufacture:

  • Voltage control equipment
  • Voltage Stabilizers
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Flow control systems
  • Testing systems for engines
  • Variable Voltage Appliances

Mains voltage regulators - Voltage stabilization systems - continuously and uninterruptedly regulate and stabilize voltage fluctuations that occur during the course of a day at the substation of the utility company, which reduce the availability (service life) of power supply systems and other systems. Schuntermann voltage stabilizers effectively regulate these voltage fluctuations so that trouble-free operation is guaranteed. Our energy saving systems are integrated after the electricity meter between supply and consumer network. They regulate and stabilize continuously and without interruption within IEC 60038, with the result that the power consumption (kWh) is reduced and the life of the electrical equipment is extended. Again, our variable transformers are a core component.

Schuntermann transformers offers the following advantages:

  • effective energy saving system for reducing electricity costs
  • magnetic and automatic voltage stabilizers
  • wide application possibilities
  • proven systems for decades
  • uncomplicated voltage management

Variable transformers are proven products from our program, which are designed for the continuous adjustment of single and three-phase AC voltage. They are suitable for supplying ohmic, inductive and capacitive equipment. The sophisticated design of our variable transformers ensures a long and trouble-free service life. High-quality toroidal transformers complete our product range.

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Schuntermann has been manufacturing and installing components and systems for the control and stabilization of voltages and currents for a number of decades.

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