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Schuntermann has been producing and installing components and systems for regulating and stabilizing voltages and currents for several decades.

The owner-managed company in its third generation boasts a highly specialised team of advisors for customer-oriented solutions. Schuntermann guarantees a consistently high standard of quality through its certification to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Under its own brand RENECOST®, the company has been producing and marketing systems for reducing power consumption, power costs and CO2 emissions for more than two decades. In compliance with standard IEC 60038, voltage fluctuations in the network are infinitely adjusted and the voltage for electrical equipment permanently stabilized within an optimum range.

Schuntermann manufactures all of its products at its site in Hilden, Germany. From here, the company serves the domestic and international market, and production volumes are growing.

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Schuntermann has been manufacturing and installing components and systems for the control and stabilization of voltages and currents for a number of decades.

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