Reducing power costs

Constantly growing power costs and increasing CO2 emissions make a responsible approach to energy consumption necessary. According to IEC 60038, energy suppliers may provide supply voltage of 230V +/- 10% (207V to 253V). Within these tolerance limits, all electric consumers must operate to optimum efficiency, according to IEC 60038. When our RENECOST® systems are used, all electric consumers are supplied only with precisely the stabilised voltage that they actually need in order to comply with all standards. This leads to reduced power input and lower power consumption.

On average, Schuntermann GmbH achieves power savings of 8% to 15% for its customers, with a return on investment between two and four years, including one-off installation. Furthermore, stabilised voltage leads to longer service lives for electrical equipment. The costs for maintenance and repair are therefore lower. By reducing power consumption, CO2 emissions decrease, which makes a positive contribution to environmental protection. Schuntermann GmbH has manufactured well above 4,000 systems for voltage stabilisation which it has successfully installed and put into operation around the world.

  • Reduce total power consumption by up to 15%
  • Extend the service life of your equipment significantly
  • Substantially reduce costs for maintenance and repair
  • Reduce building management work
  • reduce CO2-Emisssion
  • Available for power ratings from 17 – 2770 kW (25 – 4,000 A)
  • Purchase – Leasing

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