Variable transformers / variacs

Variable transformers are suitable for adjusting single- and multi-phase alternating voltages and currents under load infinitely between zero and the maximum value, without the phasing between input and output voltage changing. The output voltage remains sinusoidal.

Variable transformers from Schuntermann are manufactured and tested in accordance with current EC directives, European standards and primarily EN 61558-1 and EN 61558-2. The use of high-quality, low-loss core materials guarantees a high degree of efficiency, with minimal internal loss.

Tried-and-tested, reliable designs and tools developed in-house ensure a long, failure-free service life.

  • Single phase – Autotransformer winding 0.8A…400A
  • Single phase – Galvanically isolated 1.6A…12A
  • Three phase – Autotransformer winding 1.0A…400A
  • Voltage ranges up to 600/346 V
  • Frequency ranges 16 2/3….400 HZ
  • Types of protection IP00…IP65
  • Motor drive AC / DC
  • Control knob, dials
  • Protective cap VBG4 (for RV series)
  • Controller for variable toroidal transformers with motor drive

You can find detailed information in our list „Variable transformers“.