Schuntermann develops, manufactures and tests transformer for industrial applications in all designs and sizes, primarily in accordance with EN 61558.

The use of low-loss, laminated cores and the optimum utilisation of the winding space guarantee a high degree of efficiency and optimum transmission characteristics.

Standard transformers are available as single- or multi-phase, built-in transformer with two separate windings for operating voltages of up to 1,000 V, but also as autotransformer or special transformer

Single and three phase version.

• Mains transformers up to 1.000 kVA
• Isolating transformers up to 10 kVA
• Autotransformers up to 1.000 kVA
• Types of protection IP 00 – IP 54

• Shunt reactors up to 12 kVA
• Commutation reactors up to 1.000 kVA
• Filter circuit reactors up to 100 kVA

You can find detailed information in our list „Transformers for industrial applications“.