Automatic voltage stabilisers

work with a closed loop circuit. The real value to be stabilised (output voltage) is constantly compared with the nominal value. Any variations are adjusted accordingly using a highly stable control loop or controller. This type of stabilisation ensures output voltage accuracy of +/- 1%.

Automatic voltage stabilisers from Schuntermann are manufactured from electrically and mechanically reliable components. Our motor-controlled variable transformers produced in-house, as well as our booster transformers and controllers, are robust components that have proven themselves over decades.

Problem-free use of the components over a long service life is therefore guaranteed.



Single-phase version
+/- 10%   1600A / 368 kVA+/- 20%     690 A / 159 kVA

Three-phase version
+/- 10%   1600 A / 1.100 kVA+/- 20%     690A /   478 kVA

with symmetrical and unsymmetrical stabilisation

  • Control range max. 50% (e.g. +/-25% // +10% – 30% etc.)
  • ø control rate 16 ms / V
  • Type of protection up to IP65
  • Frequency range 45 – 60Hz
  • Extensive supplementary equipment
  • Customised solutions

You can find detailed information in our list „Automatic voltage stabiliser“ und unter