Decentralised supply – voltage control without replacement of existing local network transformer

Voltage control on the low voltage side – without replacement of existing local network transformer

The constantly growing number of renewable power generators – photovoltaic systems in private households, small combined heat and power units and wind farms – is leading to increasingly decentralised supply into the existing network, with the result that power generation and consumption are no longer in balance.

Due to the external supply of renewable energies, the supply voltage in the low voltage network may only rise by a maximum of 3% at the feed point before the limits stipulated by standard IEC / EN 60038 are exceeded..

Energy suppliers are legally obliged to prefer the supply of renewable energies. This means that, depending on the weather situation, there can be significant voltage fluctuations in the local network, with the result that supply is no longer possible in the event of excessive voltage.


Optimised adjustment of system voltage using the Schuntermann control systems – REGETRA – is possible at every point in the mains line. This increases the voltage swing from 3% to 11% and thus increases the window for the supply of renewable energies significantly. The costly replacement of the existing local network transformer can be avoided in most cases, and thus the costly dismantling of network infrastructure that would otherwise be necessary.

REGETRA systems from Schuntermann can be positioned wherever the customer wishes in the network.

Product features:

–          Power range 160 – 1600kVA
–          Voltage adjustment up to +/- 10%
–          Automatic and uninterrupted control
–          Individual or combined phase stabilisation
–          Integration within the existing communication structure – smart grid –

Proven quality – Made in Germany